Zeltweg - Austria's Forgotten F1 Track

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I just needed to get something out, so here you go. Zeltweg was the first Formula One track Austria ever had. Although, there were some very good reasons why they never returned...

  • I am from Austria and nowadays the ZELTWEG Airbase is host to the AIRPOWER 2019 an Airshow where the best of the best show there skills and the newest and most modern planes in Europe can be seen it is extremly cool and the fact that its right next to a Formula 1 circuit (Red Bull ring) means this is probably the cooles most adrenaline paced place in Austria

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    • @RafaelHDTK1000z I bin aus KF lol😂😂😂🇦🇹

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    • I live in zeltweg lol

      RafaelHDTK1000zRafaelHDTK1000z2 kuukautta sitten
    • I'm 1.5h away to the south/east from there. I was at turn 1 at the red bull ring while the airpower was held. Made some pics with planes over the circuit. It was a sight to be hold.

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  • 1:27 WAS ZUM TEUFEL😂😂

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  • The F1 equivalent of Airbase Speedway

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  • 3:53 I thought they were pancake racing

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  • Tseltweg, not Seltweg.

    Florian D.Florian D.Uukausi sitten
  • Basically this is the Austrian version of the Queensland Raceway

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  • 3:51 why are these cars thicc

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  • I'd like to see one of these for Zandvoort and Zolder.

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  • Bring back zeltweg please...

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  • Nice vid but u are saying Zeltweg every time wrong lol

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  • You really missed an easy ring-ring joke...

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  • On a Normal Austrian GP these days the airbase is used for all Teams and drives to land with their planes. (Last year while driving away after the event 8 planes landed there while we were in a traffic jam.

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  • The A1 ring and the surrounding countryside is beautiful, one of my favorite tracks.

    jakethreesixtyjakethreesixty8 kuukautta sitten
    • Yeah it is beautiful i live only like 20 minutes away from it

      ZurafarZurafar7 kuukautta sitten
  • "was zum teufel"? Kannst du Deutsch oder was? Can you speak German of what?

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  • *still better than the "series that don't know how to turn right"*

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    • NASCAR actually has road course circuits so it's not 100% true

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  • horrible track but still better than Sochi

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  • Fun fact one of the reasons airfields are built out of concrete slabs is that it is very easy to put landmines underneath it in strategic places so that the military could sabotage it when they retreated. Meaning they didn't leave intact airfields behind them for the enemy to use. That could liven up the next race at Silverstone. I'd they let off a few massive landmines between each lap to vary up the race.

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  • I always remember the 80's 500cc, 250cc & 125cc bike racing at Salzburgring, Austria - scary fast, along a valley's sides ! Awesome

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  • Fun fact and to back up on something another user already commented: many people including most in my area still refer to the Red Bull Ring as "Zeltweg", like in "hey man, you plan on driving to Zeltweg this year to watch the race live?"

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  • As a Dutch bloke who was at the 2019 Grand Prix I think you’re right. I think no person there wearing an orange shirt would mind calling it the Max Verstappen Ring. Keep up the good work. Can’t believe you have only 27k subs.

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    • Ah I see, he’s over 30k now. Guess it was the video on Stroll?

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    • A week ago he had like 5k subs, this channel is growing fast.

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  • The airfield is used a car park during the weekend, it’s also used to sell red bull and tickets outside the track.

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    • Just realized the track, the race, and the teams are just a massive Red Bull campaign

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  • I think Hamilton and Vettel should be asked to design future track's

    Richard MckenzieRichard Mckenzie9 kuukautta sitten
    • vettel: full of high speed turns and straights hamilton: full of low speed turns and short straights

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  • Me : Zeltweg was boring Avus : Hold my beer

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  • personally I prefer it when your videos featured your bitmoji

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  • Who else is from Zeltweg 😂

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    • Lol olle in da Nähe Ps bin a aus KF😂😂😂

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    • Knittelfeld 😂

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    • Fohnsdorf aber immerhin fast haha

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  • What was that you said about Australians?? 🤣

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  • There were only 4 corners on the flipping thing but it still had more changes in direction than the vast majority of NASCAR circuits. 😂🤣😂🤣

    Eamon AhernEamon Ahern10 kuukautta sitten
    • Americans prefer bumping and banging and ACTUAL PASSING/COMPETITION rather than 3 hours of a high speed parade where the outcome is usually decided on the first lap. Thats why NASCAR is dying; it turned into Formula 1 on ovals. Besides, the differences between the two reflected the realities of each continents pedestrian driving experiences: Eurasian tight corners and narrow roads compared to long, wide and fairly straight American roads.

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    • Sadly agreeable Charlotte has an interesting concept with the roval, Sonoma adding the carousel back was smart

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  • Learned a thing! Thanks! 🏁

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  • Yup. There’s a Dutch person watching.

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  • Really enjoying all your vids, funny and great for motor racing fans! 👍

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    • Thanks heaps! 😊

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  • wortless, graphics are just...bad

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  • In austria we actually still call it Zeltweg

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  • Can confirm, A dutch is watching!

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    • Thank you for your shuport

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    • Yep more than two actually

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    • Max Verstappen has really got the Dutch fans out! My manager she is half Dutch and with her dad being a huge motorsport fan, Max is like a god in the Netherlands atm.

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    • Yep more than one is watching

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  • Basically, it was a sickly thin Monza with no chicanes.

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  • As an Austrian, I approve. Definitely gonna sub. Excuse me now, I gotta watch more of your videos.

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  • good shit mate. subbed

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  • Well done mate, grats for new mic!

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    • Cheers mate!

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  • Good one keep em comin

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  • What a video

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  • Great video

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