If the 2007 European Grand Prix were a silent film

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Magic Markus. That is all.
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  • Oddly enjoyable

    Jake and friendsJake and friends2 kuukautta sitten
  • Film needed to be speeded up slightly. Edit, fixed it, I rewatched at 1.5 speed

    Dances With SheepDances With Sheep2 kuukautta sitten
  • "Bwoah.'

    King OswaldKing Oswald2 kuukautta sitten
  • Spoiler alert: Magic Markus never returned.

    iVikingiViking2 kuukautta sitten
  • NO ONE CAN BREAK THE WINKELROCK MASTER OF STRATEGY AND JUST ALL AROUND A CLEVER FELLA Edit: You’re a real one if you know what I’m talking about #Noonecanbreakthewinkelrock

    Fitz and FriesFitz and Fries2 kuukautta sitten
  • just want to share that He mostly drives for Audi now in GT racing

    UmbraCatervaeUmbraCatervae2 kuukautta sitten
  • And Winkelhock never return. The end

    Santiago GutiérrezSantiago Gutiérrez2 kuukautta sitten
  • Pure art

    BefF1BefF12 kuukautta sitten
  • Who on Earth is Butt-man 3000? lolz

    Julian M SlaneyJulian M Slaney2 kuukautta sitten
  • this is brilliant ahahah

    The Racing PilotThe Racing Pilot2 kuukautta sitten
  • This race, this drive and driver made me fall in love with F1. Thank you for this!

    McClarenDesign's Car of the Week ReviewsMcClarenDesign's Car of the Week Reviews2 kuukautta sitten
  • Subtracting frame rate to 24fps, play it at 1.2x speed, for that Chaplin feel.

    NanoriskNanorisk2 kuukautta sitten
  • 1:39 Is that doug demuro? 😂

    EdgeCraft GamezEdgeCraft Gamez2 kuukautta sitten
  • As always mate, an entertaining watch! Magic Markus 😂

    F1 FanaticsF1 Fanatics3 kuukautta sitten
  • Needs more Mahaveer. #BringBackLordMahaveer

    ⵉⵜⵔⵓⵏⴰⵓⵜⵉⵜⵔⵓⵏⴰⵓⵜ3 kuukautta sitten
  • The great Ferrari masterplan

    Ur favorite family memberUr favorite family member3 kuukautta sitten
  • This is the best thing i've seen all week!!

    F1DornieF1Dornie3 kuukautta sitten
  • Can we maybe get a wtf happened to Timo Glock

    Just TongJust Tong3 kuukautta sitten
  • Love these

    logan smithlogan smith3 kuukautta sitten
  • The Japanese Grand Prix but as a Kung Fu Movie.

    Zane MurchaZane Murcha3 kuukautta sitten
  • 13 years ago, I was hoping so much that he would win

    masaha9masaha93 kuukautta sitten
  • Everyone watch out for Skellingtor! Actually I don't even know if he still goes by that name.

    aydan khaliqaydan khaliq3 kuukautta sitten
  • Love this. Lol

    G PradelG Pradel3 kuukautta sitten

    MaeniacF1MaeniacF13 kuukautta sitten
  • #NoOneCanBreakTheWinkelRock master of strategy and all around a clever fella.

    Fuck FirefoxFuck Firefox3 kuukautta sitten
  • Suggestion Your top 10 tracks and your favourite corner on those tracks

    Jack GriffithsJack Griffiths3 kuukautta sitten
  • WTF happened to Rio Haryanto please

    Zetzsuna _S14Zetzsuna _S143 kuukautta sitten
  • A funny past movie... 😂😂😂

    Damar FadlanDamar Fadlan3 kuukautta sitten
  • i don't see the word sbinnala,there must be something wrong with this!

    B A S SB A S S3 kuukautta sitten
  • Oh my God the Bono reference killed me

    Jake O ReganJake O Regan3 kuukautta sitten
  • Sorry Markus, 10 second time penalty for having radio communication on the formation lap

    KirillKirill3 kuukautta sitten
    • Casually FIA💁‍♂️

      Fettah EkerFettah Eker3 kuukautta sitten
  • indominable isnt a word

    Tejas AnandTejas Anand3 kuukautta sitten
  • This is quality

    SN13K3RSN13K3R3 kuukautta sitten
  • C'mon, I know 2007 is a while ago but this is making me feel really old. I was there at that race and so now an episode of my life is officially part of a black-and-white silent movie.

    AstfglAstfgl3 kuukautta sitten
    • @SGI 19 No need to rub it in... 😢

      AstfglAstfgl2 kuukautta sitten
    • Well it was over a decade ago so...

      SGI 19SGI 193 kuukautta sitten
  • Feeling overwhelming urge to tap-dance to this, well done! Oh Markus..

    complicatedgentlemancomplicatedgentleman3 kuukautta sitten
  • I know this is kinda old, but #NOONECANBREAKTHEWINKELROCK unless he drove himself to a wall

    Alief Fauzan thecatAlief Fauzan thecat3 kuukautta sitten
    • I miss MSTF1 :(

      Yes yes yes, I'm doing all the timeYes yes yes, I'm doing all the time2 kuukautta sitten
    • Master of strategy

      aydan khaliqaydan khaliq3 kuukautta sitten
  • Watch in 1.25x speed. Looks really '40's that way.

    Rosco DodgerRosco Dodger3 kuukautta sitten
  • Who knew the soon to be Pink Mercedes almost got a win

    Destyn ChvuckyDestyn Chvucky3 kuukautta sitten
  • Bono these tyres are in a great haste to be exchanged

    Max VersthappeningMax Versthappening3 kuukautta sitten
    • Bono No tire Car slow What do?

      Luke WoodLuke Wood2 kuukautta sitten
    • My dear Mr Bonnington, I find myself in dire need of replacing the plastic-rubber compound forming the contact patch between my petrol-powered sporting vehicle and the asphalt of this hallowed destination of automobile racing (the southern section, to be precise), for I have discovere that my circular asphalt contact patch devices are past their life, and have, therefore, perished.

      Lord Mahaveer MaldonadoLord Mahaveer Maldonado3 kuukautta sitten
  • Now do one in Movietone News style! These are freaking brilliant!

    Automotive EditorAutomotive Editor3 kuukautta sitten
  • Finally, some actually good content on FIworld

    Adrian Elbaz CoronaAdrian Elbaz Corona3 kuukautta sitten
  • Winkelhock? MORE LIKE WINKELROCK! #noonecanbreakthewinkelhock

    pokec 329pokec 3293 kuukautta sitten
  • WTF happened to Romain Grosjean?!

    Arran DaillyArran Dailly3 kuukautta sitten
  • 1.5x speed for maximum silent film effect

    Thomas BennettThomas Bennett3 kuukautta sitten
  • How did i miss this

    LiamTalksF1LiamTalksF13 kuukautta sitten
  • “Hmmmmmm how do I get around F1 copyrighting race footage..? I’ll make it into a silent film!”

    MotoMeerkatMotoMeerkat3 kuukautta sitten
    • The wild MotoMeerkat has appeared

      BenLeagueRacingBenLeagueRacing2 kuukautta sitten
  • No Alonso & Massa battle? Not even In the podium room? 😭

    Noel McGovernNoel McGovern3 kuukautta sitten
  • Kimi : *misses the pit entry* Kimi : Bwaah-s in black and white

    Parazod GamingParazod Gaming3 kuukautta sitten
    • Mwoah

      driftyy 9000driftyy 90002 kuukautta sitten
  • LOL that was brilliant. Thank you! The music was perfect for it and of course, the text was spot on. More please?

    Mandy BMandy B3 kuukautta sitten
  • Liberty Media, take notes.

    Matt SlifkaMatt Slifka3 kuukautta sitten
  • Missed theses

    Calum EmmansCalum Emmans3 kuukautta sitten
  • Ladies and Gentleman, a short view to the past...

    The Slam SliderThe Slam Slider3 kuukautta sitten
    • @Fettah Eker Also 30 years later, AIKATSU FRIENDS IS DEAD.

      Damar FadlanDamar Fadlan2 kuukautta sitten
    • Niki laudia told us place a monkey in to the car and he is able to drive the car... 30 years later sebastian told us I had to start my car like a computer

      Fettah EkerFettah Eker3 kuukautta sitten
  • You forgot to mention that Hamilton was the only driver stuck in the gravel trap who kept his engine running that’s why nobody else was lifted on to the track.

    Formula One FanFormula One Fan3 kuukautta sitten
  • Winkelhock the god!

    Rohit HarishRohit Harish3 kuukautta sitten
  • Does anyone actually know why hamilton got placed back on track while the others weren’t? Genuinely curious

    InteristaInterista3 kuukautta sitten
    • @Fettah Eker yes because that is anywhere realistic. "hey we want to make someone 6 times WDC" "but who could it be?" "idk i guess that guy over there?" "i guess"

      snonsigsnonsig2 kuukautta sitten
    • @snonsig bcs they had the great FIA master plan going on behind the scenes to make him 6 time world champion

      Fettah EkerFettah Eker2 kuukautta sitten
    • @Fettah Eker so what you're suggesting is that the marshalls just prioritized that one, totally random, rookie for no reason at all? why would they ever do that

      snonsigsnonsig2 kuukautta sitten
    • @snonsig no it is

      Fettah EkerFettah Eker2 kuukautta sitten
    • @My_4_brain_cells it was within his rights

      snonsigsnonsig2 kuukautta sitten
  • Should have kept the original thumbnail

    ChocoxChocox3 kuukautta sitten
  • And then he destroyed his reputation as far as I'm concerned with his fucking dangerous bullshit in GT1 in 2012. He should have been banned for 2 years at least for that.

    GuzziHeroGuzziHero3 kuukautta sitten
  • This was actually quite good

    Ben HBen H3 kuukautta sitten
  • Am I the only one that wants a wtf happened to rio haryanto?

    PacerrzPacerrz3 kuukautta sitten
    • Probably

      BobTC22BobTC223 kuukautta sitten
  • #NoOneCanBreakTheWinkelRock

    Mr Matthew F1Mr Matthew F13 kuukautta sitten
  • Now also use magic markus with Lord mahaveer

    StonksStonks3 kuukautta sitten
    • I approve this comment.

      Lord Mahaveer MaldonadoLord Mahaveer Maldonado3 kuukautta sitten
  • Did you upload this knowing that the Nurburgring is coming back or is this a complete coincidence?

    SambamSambam3 kuukautta sitten
    • @TheShockninja Oh, I had no idea. Kind of a random anniversary to have.

      SambamSambam3 kuukautta sitten
    • It was the 13th anniversary of this event the other day. I saw this on Twitter and everyone still makes a huge deal out of Markus Winkelhock's leading of the event.

      TheShockninjaTheShockninja3 kuukautta sitten
  • Suggestion: WTF happened to Jan Magnussen because he was good in junior categories but struggled in f1

    Sam DaySam Day3 kuukautta sitten
    • Good in junior but struggled in F1? Sounds like Nico Hulkenberg to me.

      Farhan Ahmad TajuddinFarhan Ahmad Tajuddin2 kuukautta sitten
    • @Sam Day true. And Yohane Tsushima is just as barbarist as Maldonado, but she is more successful than him for sure.

      Damar FadlanDamar Fadlan2 kuukautta sitten
    • @Jowt Gaming Maldonado never was successful the just liked to destroy cars

      Sam DaySam Day2 kuukautta sitten
    • Like Maldonado

      Jowt GamingJowt Gaming2 kuukautta sitten
    • Maybe F1 was just not for him

      Fettah EkerFettah Eker3 kuukautta sitten
  • Best film racing ever

    Tom PikeTom Pike3 kuukautta sitten
  • To quote Max Verstappen: Simply simply lovely.

    Jacko DeesJacko Dees3 kuukautta sitten
  • The best video yet!

    Rushil GandeviaRushil Gandevia3 kuukautta sitten
  • BoNo mY tYrEs aRe dEAd

    Louie MartinLouie Martin3 kuukautta sitten
    • in-in-in-in-in-in-in-in

      Lord Mahaveer MaldonadoLord Mahaveer Maldonado3 kuukautta sitten
    • lEAve mE to IT bOno

      Spudchucker92Spudchucker923 kuukautta sitten
    • I could hear Lewis saying it to Bono.

      Red LightningRed Lightning3 kuukautta sitten
  • Suggestion: "What if the 1998 Belgium GP was a silent film?"

    Mega Butters 91Mega Butters 913 kuukautta sitten
    • It would be shorter than an ad

      Luke WoodLuke Wood2 kuukautta sitten
    • @Stonks I like many f1 channels!

      Rohit HarishRohit Harish3 kuukautta sitten
    • @Rohit Harish bruhh I see you everywhere wtf

      StonksStonks3 kuukautta sitten
    • *Ricardo Rosset drives straight into the crash*

      Rohit HarishRohit Harish3 kuukautta sitten
    • Just one word 'Carnage'

      StonksStonks3 kuukautta sitten
  • josh revell is a whte man

    Coastal BladeCoastal Blade3 kuukautta sitten
    • Is your spelling correct or have I missed something?

      Gordon RitchieGordon Ritchie3 kuukautta sitten
    • So am I.

      Spudchucker92Spudchucker923 kuukautta sitten

    Julian SchwarzJulian Schwarz3 kuukautta sitten
    • except his own car

      Lnid 984Lnid 9842 kuukautta sitten
    • Normal people: wow this was such a weird race The Boys: NO ONE CAN BREAK THE WINKELROCK

      Fitz and FriesFitz and Fries2 kuukautta sitten
    • @Zane Murcha he did Hungary 2007 but then it got taken down

      aydan khaliqaydan khaliq2 kuukautta sitten
    • Oh yeah, I remember Matt. He was such a a great FIworldr but then one day he disappeared and we never saw him again.

      Zane MurchaZane Murcha3 kuukautta sitten

      Alex’s Meme RanchAlex’s Meme Ranch3 kuukautta sitten
  • Nice

    Happy SamHappy Sam3 kuukautta sitten
  • -_-

    Greatmate8Greatmate83 kuukautta sitten
  • Cool

    Harman SandhuHarman Sandhu3 kuukautta sitten