The remarkable story of Dick Seaman

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Most modern Formula 1 fans don't often think about drivers from the pre-war era. The likes of Rudolf Caracciola and Tazio Nuvolari are often touted as some of the greatest drivers that had ever lived. However, there was another driver around that time who was equally as respected as they were. And that person was Dick Seaman (yes, that is his name). In this video, we have a brief overview of his career and why more people should be aware of his abilities behind the wheel.
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  • Murray Walker: "And just look how beautifully Dick goes into the curves, just sticks the nose in and... OOH MY WORD - DICK SEAMAN HAS GONE INTO MANSELL'S REAR!"

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  • wait if dick is short for richard then Richard Hammond's nickname is Dick Hammond

    Vikash& VitteshYTVikash& VitteshYT7 päivää sitten
  • 0:17 This guy looks like an older Maldonado

    the sun is a deadly lazerthe sun is a deadly lazer8 päivää sitten
  • "I'm Dick Seaman. That's my real name. Like Dick Douche."

    Mesousa GabyMesousa Gaby11 päivää sitten
  • With name like that I suppose you would expected to be quick. Pre mature pitstops wouldn't help though

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  • A true hero in motorsport, all of them were in that era going nearly 200mph on tyres the width of a small car now and no seat belts. The story surrounding Seaman, and his death, is much deeper than appears to most. He wasn't involved with the Nazis and there is great suspicion that (or the German government thought) he was a spy. Many books about his life and death have been blocked from publishing and to this day a wreath appears every year on his gravestone, an order given by Hitler himself which Mercedes deny is them putting there. It makes me so sad this era, in my opinion one of the best, of motor racing is rarely remembered and cast aside by F1. Thanks for the quick video!

    Dom HarveyDom Harvey15 päivää sitten
  • "Richard John Beattie Seaman" that's a mouthful

    Bolo FundoordrillerBolo Fundoordriller16 päivää sitten
  • The original Green & Silver Arrow (before Moss and Hamilton)

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  • Lard enthusiast ... ha ha ha ha ha

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  • Even Dick Seamen was once... semen

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  • His parents knew DAMN WELL what they were doing when they named him. The ultimate dad joke

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  • I am sorry, but I literally had to laugh everytime, when you said "Seaman". I am not mature.

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  • 00:08 That’s banger racing they don’t just do it in Netherlands they also do it in Belgium, Ireland and England

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  • Do a episode about Dick Trickle next! 👍🏻😁

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  • Me: mom can we have Pastor Maldonado? Mom: We have Pastor Maldonado at home. Pastor Maldonado at home: 0:17

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  • Me: This should be hilarious * watches video * Me: Oh, oh no. This is sad. RIP Dick Seaman

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  • 0:08 I see where this video is headed and I can't fucking wait

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  • lets not get into the sticky politics of Seaman

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  • Mrs. Seaman didn’t want her husbands semen, Dick Seaman, getting killed

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  • Dick Seaman goes up the inside

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  • 0:09 Me as a dutchman: yes... this is how max has grown big...

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  • Interesting fact about this guy, Mercedes have been tending to his grave since his death in 1939 as a mark of respect. And contrary to what the comments may say, he was not a Nazi. I believe there is also some rumour about his cars being buried in the land of his former home

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  • 0:13 Well he lost his legs

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  • Well, Nascar had Dick joke.

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  • Maybe you can do a story on Dick Trickle next?

    Gregory RountreeGregory RountreeUukausi sitten
  • Tbf dick Beattie seamen aint great either

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  • "But let's not get into the sticky world of Seamen's politics" 10/10

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  • 3:59 2020 so far

    Christopher AydonChristopher AydonUukausi sitten
  • Next Video:WTF Happened To Ferrari

  • Could you make a video about Nobuharu Matsushita because it seems like he’s been in f2/gp2 forever now without getting anywhere

    Louis WrightLouis WrightUukausi sitten
  • Oh, the Dutch can be worse. We even had reverse races with DAFs. Don’t try to understand us.

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  • We all know why we clicked on this video😉

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  • Underrated F1 content creator.

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  • 3:56 feels bad man he sir *CUMMED* to his injuries

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  • Dick Seamen... OOF very unfortunate wording

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  • You said Chichester wrong 😂

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  • Do wtf heppened to cyril abitbulls**t

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  • Admit it, you just did the video because of his name (and deservedly so) Also Nuvolari looks like Maldonado for some reason?

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  • Alternate title: 'The remarkable story of the most unfortunate naming in motorsport history'.

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  • Com on. No happy finish.

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  • I still cant believe that this guy is 2K away from 100K dude u started FIworld 2 years ago and u past into the barrier and he started 10 years ago

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  • The only reason there's a video about him is his name

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  • Seamen... Dick Seamen :D

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  • It beggars belief that a racing channel can mispronounce so many incredibly prominent names. I managed to get half way through the video before giving up.

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  • "You should see what the Dutch have done to it." Says the man that cannot even pronounce Verstappen correctly.

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  • Get past the comedy name, the man is a legend and he should be more well known......

    ExSapper MadmanExSapper Madman2 kuukautta sitten
  • And finally pre-war gp racing gets the attention it deserves

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  • Make a video about Daniil Kvyat(Данил Квят)

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  • 4:37 what did I do to deserve this?

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  • Such a bad ending for Such a great name

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  • Dick...Seaman

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  • Hey look it's Dick semen! IT'S SEA, MAN!

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  • 3:59 proof that Jimmy Car is a time traveller.

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  • 0:17 Maldonado's great grandpa?

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  • Just CAME here to make a CUMment on his SOLID name

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  • You should do a video about Fernando Alonso and his racing career, since he is back in F1 next year. (Also he is going for the triple crown this weekend at the Indy 500)

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  • Damn his dad really hated him. Imagine calling you son Richard knowing your last name is Seaman..

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  • Have you ever heard anyone saying that certain racing media is a ripoff of Cars? I have. And it's SUPER ANNOYING!!!!!!

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  • 'Dick' and 'Seaman'. The Grand Tour fanatics should be fine with this. 😏

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  • Nuvalari or whatever looks like 🅱️astor 🅱️aldonado 😶😶

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  • In the Cathedral City of places non-Brits shouldn't try saying....

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  • Wow this video took a dark turn

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  • Sweet

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  • Me : I'll me as mature as possible during this video Also me : 0:24 lmao

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    • Seaman was a born racer lol

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  • Poor Dick did Nazi the tree before it was too late.

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  • “What did Seamen do???” Idk Josh you tell me

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  • That was a weird ass way pronouncing Chichester. Another great video though.

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  • The place where the accident happened in 1939 is about where the last chicane is in the current Spa track.

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  • the reicht party am i reicht ba dum tsss lmao hello anyone there lol

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  • Don't forget Dick Trickle of Nascar.

    Keiran GeorgeKeiran George2 kuukautta sitten
  • Your pronunciation of names is killing me mate. Love your videos but you need to learn how to speak...

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  • This is what I'm confused with you all westerners. Just ignore the external politics and focus on the sport.

    Alif NurfakhriAlif Nurfakhri2 kuukautta sitten
  • Unfortunate name

    Henryd YTHenryd YT2 kuukautta sitten
  • Only 26, crazy how they got into those death traps and raced to the limit. Safety in motorsports is at it highest but we still see death, Hubert last year is evidence that motorsport is still very dangerous

    ThaDerpyMuffinThaDerpyMuffin2 kuukautta sitten
  • So, we have Dick Seamen in F1, Dick Trickle in NASCAR, & Dick Johnson in V8 Supercars.

    Anas NaufalAnas Naufal2 kuukautta sitten
  • Dick Seaman... I’d pay good money to hear Bradley Walsh reading out his name for the first time. 😆 If you don’t know who Bradley Walsh is... Go watch some funny stuff from The Chase! Seriously though, sounds like a heck of a guy.

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  • "Dick Seaman" hehehehe

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  • You wanna hit 100k yet?

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  • He was a Nazi. Full stop. I'm happy he died in pain.

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  • On of the strongest and most underestimated drivers of the 1930th. Along with Guy Moll, who also died young

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  • This video is gonna be demonetised so hard

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  • This isnt the Dick Seamen i was trying to google....

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  • Josh: Dick Seaman My Brain: Dick Semen?

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  • Well done. Informative, enjoyable footage from the early years, humorous and respectful. Glad I found your channel.

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  • That guy could cure cancer and people would still only ever talk about the name!

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  • He is blessed with the coolest name ever

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  • Ha I didn't know he was born in the same town as I live in

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  • This video is brought to you by Lawrence Stroll

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  • Ngl , if they were to do a movie about Dick Seaman , the producers are gonna have to cast Benedict Cumberbatch to play him , he just looks so much like him

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  • Dick seaman is an inappropriate name

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  • i feel that josh made the speed scott post so we wouldnt see dick seamen cuming. (edit): lol i mispelled coming but ill leave it

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  • all of this for a seamen and dick joke omg i love it

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  • Josh: That went dark real fast. Also Josh, a minute ealier: He drove a Nazi car.

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    • "Oh man I hitched up with the Nazis whoops ha ha." - Dick Seaman

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  • My god

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  • His name is literally the only reason this video exists

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  • "He was a nazi but don't worry, he got a few purple sectors in his career"

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